After considering many ideas for a name (among those considered but ultimately rejected is UFO-the University of Fort Ord), in December the proposed university is tentatively called California State University, Monterey Bay.

Hank Hendrickson gives the inside scoop on the name-development process: "There was great confusion and difficulty with the identification of this new campus. Nearly all of the people within the California State University system, and at the local, state and national levels as well, thought this new project was simply an extension of the San Jose State University satellite campus in Salinas. We had problems with mail and delivery of materials and goods ordered for our office. So we decided that we needed to mount an identification campaign.

"Maria, Rey [Reyola Carlisle, who was the third employee, just hired] and I each came up with ideas of appropriate names for the new university. Then Rey and Maria went up and down the hallway of both floors of the 915 Hilby Avenue building, asking what other tenants thought the name should be, and the consensus was CSUMB. This name was then recommended to [CSU] Chancellor Munitz and to [San Jose State Interim President Handel Evans] and it was accepted as the new name for the campus."

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