A Note from the Author

While researching and writing the remarkable story of the founding of California State University, Monterey Bay on the grounds of the closed Army base at Fort Ord, I was deeply moved. As a native of Monterey County and a member of the local community, it is a story I will never forget.

The university you see here today is a testament to what a small group of people with vision and commitment-and the unwillingness to take "no" for an answer-can accomplish together. It is an example of that renowned American optimism, ingenuity, and "get it done" attitude at its best.

From the beginning, and throughout the four years of intense visioning, negotiation, persuasion, lobbying, planning, and community-building required to open the doors of CSUMB in fall 1994, there were always people who said it couldn't be done. But there are always hecklers on the sidelines of history. If early visionaries had let these voices stop them, history would have turned out differently, both at Fort Ord and in the world.

This story should be known and, as part of the tradition of this university, recounted from generation to generation of CSUMB students, because it stands as an object lesson in these difficult times: Everything is possible when vision and commitment bloom within a community-and when leaders step forward to take personal responsibility for carrying it through. Today, CSUMB students are being trained to be those leaders.

This story is dedicated to future generations of students at CSUMB. May it remind them that they are now part of-and responsible for carrying forward-a tradition of being unstoppable.

Lori Wood
Writer & Editor, CSUMB History 1990-1994
January 20, 2005

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