Kumiko Maemura

Then: Kumiko Maemura is a 2003 graduate from the Teledramatic Arts and Technology program. During her time at CSUMB, she was also:

  • Radio talk-show host on KAZU in 2002
  • Tri-County achievement award co-winner
  • An intern at NHK, Japan's TV corporation

Kumiko's family lived in Japan until she was four, when the family business expanded into the U.S. She lived in San Jose for several years before moving to Aptos and attending high school there. She also took two years' worth of general education from Cabrillo College before moving to southern California for her work with NHK.

"Then I heard a new program [Teledramatic Arts and Technology] at the new university was opening up near home. So I transferred in the fall of 2001 right into TAT and they became family right away."

About her experience doing the radio show, Kumiko says: "It was so much fun. It eventually went out on campus TV. It was great to have friends come up and say, 'Hey, I heard you on the radio last night!' It was just a real